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Waterproof PVC WPC Door Skin Design

Author: yiwanjia Time: 2019-04-09 15:53:51


Waterproof Wood Plastic Composite WPC Door Skin

door skin


1.5-3.5mm waterproof wood plastic composite wpc door skin





  WPC products is high density, good in shape keeping, no crack, fire-proof, long-timee using, good for cold and hot environment.


  Good for nail, can be cut, drilled and paint, easy for many kinds of finishing


  100% for water, no mould, can be clean with water


  No color difference, can be finished with veneer, PVC foil, decoration paper, transfer print, painting


  No formaldehyde, can be used recycled


PVC Film Coated WPC Board Door Skin Model Design

pvc wpc door skin design


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