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WPC door knowledge

Author: yiwanjia Time: 2018-09-28 11:51:19

Building materials: WPC door knowledge



High quality raw materials, scientific formulation

The main raw material of WPC is PVC resin and high quality wood flour. PVC resin uses medical grade domestic brand-name products, wood powder produced by professional wood companies to provide high-quality wood powder material, after classification, screening, grinding, drying, coating processing, to ensure the quality of the finished product. Plastic door formula is equipped with a certain proportion of auxiliary materials, such as the stabilizer, foaming agent, modifier and so on, a variety of ingredients according to the strict proportion of mixing, effectively ensure the quality of the products of the foam board.

Advanced production equipment

Production equipment from the mixture system to the extrusion system all come from abroad. The mixing equipment has the characteristics of accurate mixing dosage, uniform mixing and high efficiency, which can ensure the stability of the product. 

Green environmental protection

raw material used in WPC produced under high temperature, high pressure, vacuum conditions. Formaldehyde and other harmful substances is forty times less than the national standard. After two times heat transfer printing technology, in the production, the use of the process without any toxic and harmful gases and odor release, which is in line with modern interior decoration environmental standards of human friendly products.Waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, anti mildew, moth proof, no deformation.WPC has the dual characteristics of both wood and plastic, so this kind of WPC door suits both indoor and outside, such as wet toilet, anticorrosive, mildew, storeroom.

Reasonable structure, high strength

The special design of the cavity structure, can ensure the internal structure of wood plastic foaming material ideal, with excellent formula design and reasonable production process, to ensure the strength of the product.

Quick installation structure

door installation is very convenient. Connection between line and door can be done without gun nails or glue.
Thermal insulation, sound insulation performance is good

Good flame retardant performance

The properties of Wooden Plastic Composite Doors will greatly improve the fire safety.

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